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Sirens Blog

  1. You Don’t Have to Associate Sensuality With Shame

    17 Jun 2021
    Have you ever felt shameful for feeling sexy? You check yourself out in the mirror, see your curves, your eyes, your smile, and feel genuinely attractive. Then comes the mental hit of, “oh my…who am I to feel sexy? Gross!” Yep, you’re not alone. We’re taught at a young age…

  2. Ms. M’s Gorgeous Session

    17 Jun 2021
    This week’s blog post has a big, beautiful gallery for you to enjoy! Ms. M was so apprehensive about doing this for the first time. When she came in for her in-person consultation, she was pretty positive that nothing would look good on her. By the end of the consult,…

  3. The Best Wedding Gift Idea

    13 Jun 2021
    Oops - did you wait too long before booking boudoir pictures for that special event? Is your anniversary in three weeks, or wedding day next month? It’s not too late for you! Don’t believe that your only option is now to take selfies with your cell phone and get them…

  4. Bridal Boudoir for Ms. R

    13 Jun 2021
    CONGRATULATIONS to the beautiful Ms. R who just got married this past weekend and is going to surprise her husband with these when her album comes in! She would be the first to tell you that doing a boudoir session was SO outside of her comfort zone and she was…

  5. Let’s Talk About Couples Boudoir!

    03 Jun 2021
    “What if he, uhh…gets excited?” Have you considered booking a couples shoot with your partner, but some questions are holding you back? Or are one or both of you too nervous to try it? Let’s address the elephant in the room. 😉 Let me start by saying that having intimate…

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