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  1. Alternatives to Tanning Before Your Boudoir Shoot

    19 Apr 2021
    Airbrush tan by Wrightsville Glow I hear ya - you really want to get boudoir portraits taken, especially if you have a special event coming up, but you feel like you are just “too pale” at the moment.  You’re thinking, I’ll wait to book until I’ve had some warmer months…

  2. Why Your Selfies Will Never be as Good as a Professional’s

    09 Apr 2021
    It can be frustrating to try to take pictures of yourself and not like the results. You follow all the photographers “tips and tricks” for taking good photos, but they just don’t turn out like the ones of their clients they share. Here’s why. Professional photographers are trained on many…

  3. Ms. H - Take 2 (2 Years Later!)

    09 Apr 2021
    Ms. H just gives off the energy of a QUEEN. I had photographed her much more casually a couple of years ago and was soooo excited that she decided to book a session for her birthday and come down from Raleigh to see me! Here’s one of my fave images…

  4. Feeling Comfortable During a Boudoir Session

    03 Apr 2021
    It’s likely that the idea of getting partially or even completely undressed in front of a stranger makes your anxiety go through the roof.  Hey, I don’t blame you. It’s a very intimate thing to do. That being said, I can confidently say that you won’t feel nearly as uncomfortable…

  5. Client Wardrobe Success with Ms. F

    02 Apr 2021
    I was able to squeeze Ms. F in for a session pretty last-minute when she called me and I had an opening…and I’d say we pulled off her outfit choices pretty great with her having very little time to shop! She wore two of my pieces and one of her…

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