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  1. Boudoir Outfit Ideas - Wilmington, NC Boudoir

    04 Jan 2020
    Are you looking for boudoir outfit ideas There are SO many different things you can wear for your boudoir shoot - it doesn’t have to be racy lingerie, either. Here’s a round up of some categories I like to suggest, as well as some pieces that I have in my…

  2. Downtown Wilmington, NC Engagement Session

    26 Dec 2019
    I do not typically shoot any other kind of photography outside of boudoir, but when my best friend and her boyfriend got engaged earlier this month and she asked me to take some shots of them, I couldn’t say no! They are a gorgeous couple and we had a great…

  3. The Most Beautiful Collage of 2019

    15 Dec 2019
    I would be lying if I said that 2019 wasn’t an insane rollercoaster of emotions, challenges, lessons and testing of my willpower and strength. That being said, it was an incredible year To celebrate, I made the below collage of many of my precious, beautiful clients that allowed me to…

  4. Honest Review: “TYME” Flat Iron

    24 Nov 2019
    Those of you that know me, know my hair pretty much always looks like shit. I’m just not good at styling it, it’s not my talent. Same with makeup. Anyway, I was getting served ads for this TYME Flat Iron on Facebook. Facebook ads are kind of what I do…

  5. Shine Your Light

    17 Nov 2019
    Last week was my first Inspiration Lab Conference. I recently joined as a member of TIL and was looking forward to participating in an event designed specifically for working women. Stephanie Lanier, Founder of The Inspiration Lab, did not disappoint. She opened with her inspiring perspective of what it means…

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