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  1. A Boudoir Session Helps You to be Kind to Yourself

    19 Feb 2021
    I loooooooved hanging out with Ms. S! Right after her session, she landed the coolest new job and moved out to the Caribbean. I told her to expect a boudoir retreat to be arranged at the resort. ;-) And just look at that beautiful hair and those stunning green eyes…

  2. “I have no idea how to pick out lingerie!”

    12 Feb 2021
    Raise your hand if you’ve never picked out a piece of lingerie. 🖐🏻 Guess what? If you mentally raised your hand, you’re definitely not alone. You’ve seen the ads in your social media feed with the chicks looking incredible in their bra and panty sets, lace teddies and chemises, but…

  3. Don’t Let Age be an Excuse!

    12 Feb 2021
    First of all, can we talk about what a QUEEN Ms. W is?! She cut her hair short right before her session (she had worn it that way in the past), and when she walked in with the new style the morning of her session, I just said, “yessss!” I…

  4. “I don’t think I can do boudoir poses!”

    10 Feb 2021
    I was a bit stunned when, at the end of her reveal and ordering, a recent client admitted to me, “I was so nervous I wouldn’t be able to do the poses. I worried that you would be irritated or disappointed, and my whole session would be a waste of…

  5. No Such Thing as the Perfect Time

    05 Feb 2021
    I finally get to share this babe’s anonymous shots from her gallery because she gave her album to her husband! She’s one of those chicks who you could sit and talk to about life forever, and I am so thankful I got to meet her before she moved out of…

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