Sirens Blog

  1. Nerves? Normal!

    29 Jan 2021
    I had the best time with Ms. S - she says she was nervous, but I never would have been able to tell. She owned her experience from beginning to end. I couldn’t even describe to her the vibe she was putting off during the session, and I don’t think…

  2. An Experience Worth Waiting For

    22 Jan 2021
    I met this Siren over a year ago - I immediately connected with her outgoing personality and positive vibe. She joined my private Facebook community and I would often see her at local events as well. That way, when she finally pulled the trigger to book, we felt like we…

  3. Faux Shower Set for the Win!

    15 Jan 2021
    This beautiful babe blew her own damn mind with her session. She added on the shower set bonus and those ended up being her favorites! She couldn’t get over how much she loved her images when I showed them to her at the reveal. She decided to get a mini…

  4. A 900% Body Confidence Increase from Boudoir

    08 Jan 2021
    Ms. T was a ball of fun. She went into this experience with an open mind and was blown away by the end. In fact, she ranked her body confidence 900% higher by the end her session! She chose her 8 favorite images to put into a luxury album, and…

  5. Why Moms Should Do a Boudoir Session

    31 Dec 2020
    The beautiful Ms. P was the winner of my 2020 “3k Giveaway”. That means that she got a full luxury portrait session, 8x8 album with 30 images and an acrylic cover, a piece of bedside art, and all of her matching digital files for FREE. When I announced the winner…

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