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  1. The Most Beautiful Collage of 2020

    28 Dec 2020
    (Click the image to enlarge it!) I made one of these collages last year and you all loved it. This year, my collage has A LOT more images! 🥰 These are most of the beautiful humans who allowed me to photograph them this year (there are more, but these are…

  2. A Special Christmas Gift for her Husband

    17 Dec 2020
    Ms. R picked up her products last week and it went a little something like this… I have to admit, I got teary-eyed watching her look at her album. It’s so, so special to me to watch you finally see yourself in a new, kinder, loving way. She has been…

  3. Empowering Boudoir Shoot with Ms. M

    11 Dec 2020
    I loved hanging with Ms. M! Such a laid-back and fun person, and she wore emerald green which is always a yes from me! Also, when she mentioned wanting to try a shot with an athletic pose, I was totally game. Check out her gallery below and see if you…

  4. This Boudoir Client Inspired My New Hairstyle!

    04 Dec 2020
    Ms. J was a DELIGHT! She is one of the most comfortable, confident and laid-back women I’ve ever met. Plus, I give her major credit for giving me the courage to shave my head like I had been thinking about doing for months - she looks so amazing with it!…

  5. Boost in Confidence from Boudoir

    15 Nov 2020
    This beautiful babe scheduled this session as a wedding gift to her fiance, and she was NERVOUS! She was stepping outside of her comfort zone big time and I was so, so proud of her for taking the leap. Plus, she brought her veil along with her for some shots,…

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