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  1. How Boudoir Empowers Women

    30 Oct 2020
    I like to believe that I help to “empower women” with my business. What does empower mean? Empowerment can be defined as the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. Specifically, I believe that boudoir empowers women by: • Giving them…

  2. Tennessee Comes to NC for Boudoir

    25 Oct 2020
    When I found out that this beautiful Siren was going to drive six hours all the way from TENNESSEE to do a session with me, I was beyond honored! She’s a personal trainer and has been on a journey working on practicing what she preaches with body confidence and self-love…

  3. “Easy, fun and empowering.” - Sunflower Milk Bath Boudoir

    15 Oct 2020
    This Siren requested sunflowers in her milk bath, and that’s what she got! We started off with a set on the blue couch (outdoors) that looked amazing with her beautiful white teddy. We moved to the tub and she wore one of my favorite pieces that SHEIN sells (the embroidered…

  4. New Wilmington, NC Boudoir Studio

    09 Oct 2020
    I’m finally getting around to blogging about my new studio space and let me tell you…I am SO EXCITED about it! I’ve been dreaming of a bigger space with more light for months, and worked on manifesting it daily. I tried to be patient and trust that it was out…

  5. Spooky Season - Halloween Boudoir

    04 Oct 2020
    Author’s Note: updated 12/14/20 This gorgeous Siren is an interior designer and agreed to help me design my “Halloween” sets for the Mini Sessions I wanted to offer this month; naturally, she had to be the first person to test them out with me! We are both really into Halloween…

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