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  1. “The best part was having ME time!”

    18 Sep 2020
    This incredible woman took the plunge and booked a session for this year despite having 5 (!) children to wrangle. She was extremely glad to get a whole day to herself to feel pampered, confident and beautiful. She started a payment plan for her collection, but after she showed her…

  2. “Seeing the images had me on the verge of tears - extremely happy tears.”

    04 Sep 2020
    This beautiful lady here was supposed to be a bride this spring when COVID changed their plans. She instead decided to create gorgeous artwork to give to her fiancé for his birthday present this year. Needless to say, he LOVED his album - but so does she! She and I…

  3. Anniversary Couples Session - Wilmington, NC

    21 Aug 2020
    My fabulous makeup artist, Melanie, and her husband decided to book a couples session for their 10-year wedding anniversary. They were SO much fun! My heart melted every time Glenn looked at Melanie and said, “you look so beautiful!” or gave her a random smooch. They are #goals for being…

  4. “I knew right away that she was going to take my photos.” - Wilmington, NC Boudoir

    07 Aug 2020
    Ms. W came up from South Carolina to take boudoir photos with me! Between her red hair, green eyes and awesome tattoos, I kept telling her that she was putting out a pin-up vibe the whole session and I LOVED IT! When you read her feedback below, you will see…

  5. “Helps you see the beauty where you might otherwise focus on flaws.”

    31 Jul 2020
    Say hi to the gorgeous, smart and successful Ms. M. She drove several hours to Wilmington for a session with me and she is coming back again this month to do another one in the tub set! She and I definitely had some good conversation during her in-person consultation and…

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