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  1. “She made me feel so comfortable with myself!” - Wilmington, NC Boudoir

    31 May 2020
    Not only did this chick trust me with trying out any and all poses with my new handcuffs and crop props, but she was excited to do so! PLUS, we have mermaid tattoos in the SAME EXACT PLACE on our bodies! Wild, right? Check out Ms. S’s feedback after her…

  2. Myths About Boudoir Photography - Wilmington, NC

    25 May 2020
    I’ve been pretty surprised by some of the misconceptions about boudoir photography that I’ve been presented since starting my business. Here are some of the top myths about boudoir portraits that I have debunked for you! You have to be a specific size.It does not matter what size you…

  3. “You have to know when it’s time to love YOU.” - Wilmington, NC Boudoir

    10 May 2020
    This chick and I hit it off right away…she came down for my “cuffs and crop” model call and we had FUN! She is one of the most confident, glowing women I have ever met. Her energy and vibe were contagious, and I told her so. She answered, “At the…

  4. Vintage Tub Boudoir Sessions - Wilmington, NC

    04 May 2020
    Introducing…my outdoor vintage tub set This “QuaranQueen” was kind enough to let me practice on her last week - and I am over the moon excited to start offering this to all of you!  To celebrate Mother’s Day and the light at the end of the tunnel of this period…

  5. Fundraiser for the Domestic Violence Shelter & Services of Wilmington

    26 Apr 2020
    During this time of self-isolation, many people (including children) are forced to stay in dangerous and unhealthy environments at home.  The following statistics are from the National Statistics Domestic Violence Fact Sheet: On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States.…

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